"Hornissennest" is stunningly written and is family and war historically important.
Exciting stories, any reading disturbance would have annoyed.
Bettina Kenter, Munich (actress, voice actress, director and author)

Certainly more interesting than Martin Walser's latest book ... So spellbinding,
that the "Hornissennest" will find a broad readership.
Bert Sakmann, Munich (Physician and Physiologist, 1991 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine)

A cleverly written work. It forces you to read on, gives you historical information, is honest to your amazingly analytical and at the same time peppered with interpretations and clearly expressed facts with conclusio.
... The intergenerational life stories are described individually and yet universally valid
in knowledge. The narrator is strict, sometimes poisonous, concerning her parents and relatives in court. There remain many stories about tradition, values and history, against forgetting and for orientation.
Elke and Klaus Heselschwerdt, Kolbingen

A successful stich into the "Hornissennest", which impressively shows the connection between our past, present and future illustrated. Worth reading for anyone who already knows or wants to know.
Prof. Beate Thull, Ludwigsburg (lecturer, head of department at the State Seminar for Didactics and Teacher Education Baden Württemberg)

The background knowledge about historical connections makes the book particularly interesting.
At the same time, the author immortalizes the changing history of her family.
Ayshen Delemen, Munich (Author)
   "Anyone who is excited about psycho-thrillers, should be with the
Employ the book »The Meeting Point«.
Bavarian radio

A fantastic book. The author has the makings of our suffering in the world
to make it sustainable.
The week, Regensburg
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