The club was founded in 1990 in Berlin. Until 1995 he cooperated with the gallery landscape in Berlin-Schöneberg. Since 2002 he has been based in the Schöneberg Culture and Atelier, organizing exhibitions in the gallery corridor23 until 2012.
One focus of the association's work is the cooperation with artists from non-European countries. In the late nineties he was u.a. Represented several times with projects at the Biennale Dak'art in Senegal.
  We offer a service around art - from advising on equipping companies with art, assisting in the creation and cataloging of art collections, arranging works of art, organizing art events, as well as creating print products the invitation card to the catalog.
  The publisher was founded in 1993 in Austria by Rainer Hengsbach as a literary publishing house, which in addition to fiction also deals with socio-critical issues.
He sees himself as a contact person and consultant for young authors and uses his social contacts and opportunities to offer authors a broad public.
The publisher works u.a. closely with the diary and remembrance archive Berlin e. V. (TEA) together.
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